How an online shift increased outdoor learning opportunities

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One year back, we at The Ecology School were faced with the pandemic truth of cancelled in-person programs in exchange for remote, virtual knowing. What we produced in the wake of those modifications resulted in new outdoor knowing journeys– pertinent not just in the world Day, but every day.

As the at-home days wore on and our Nature Nuggets acquired countless views online, we recognized additional resources might help us reach so many more people who were desperately seeking this sort of content.

We rapidly started and filled a requirement by connecting with our trainees and households through Nature Nuggets, brief activity-based videos shot with our mobile phone and shared through social networks. These videos were structured to engage participants in observation-based field ecology and discoveries within their quarantine bubbles. Using their five senses to explore and discover, audiences were introduced to complicated scientific principles through basic activities and spirited experiences.

The Learning Experiences Team at The Ecology SchoolThe Ecology School motivates stewardship of and connection to the natural world through experiential knowing in ecology, sustainability, preservation, and farming. Visit them online at

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