High school students are questioning higher ed’s status quo

The statistics were collected over the previous 12 months in 3 national studies carried out by ECMC Group and VICE Media. The studies were performed in February 2020, May 2020 and January 2021 to discover how high school trainees are thinking of and preparing for their future education and careers amidst an ever-changing environment marked by virtual classrooms and financial upheaval.

Their probability of pursuing a four-year degree has lessened significantly over the previous 8 months, with only somewhat majority of Gen Z teenagers now considering it. In addition, 52 percent think they can attain expert success with education attained in three years or less, and just one-fourth think a four-year college degree is the only path to a great task.

And while 62 percent wish to forge their own academic path, lots of high school trainees feel uninformed about the choices readily available, with 63 percent of teens wanting their high school provided more information about the range of postsecondary education chances available.

After experiencing an unmatched year marked by an international pandemic, racial discontent, and a turbulent U.S. governmental election, todays teenagers have moved their thinking when it comes to their academic path after high school, according to new survey information.

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