Has the pandemic widened the achievement gap?

To discover, we looked at 5.3 million evaluations from students who took Star Early Literacy, Star Reading, or Star Math assessments in both fall 2019 and fall 2020. At very first glimpse, the findings from How Kids Are Performing did not seem as dire as some initial forecasts. With a little point of view, nevertheless, the outcomes indicate a great deal of work ahead for educators and students.

But what takes place when those spaces integrate, as they have for countless trainees around the country? Has the pandemic– and the different actions to it– intensified the achievement space?

Educators have actually been speaking about the accomplishment gap because a minimum of the 1960s and the publication of the Coleman Report. This year, obviously, the gap everybody is focused on is between where we would anticipate trainees to be in a typical academic year and where they are now, offered all the finding out disruptions of the past year.

Trigger for issue

If the pandemic affected all students basically the exact same, at least in regards to structure closures and access to school, everyone should be at the exact same drawback, right?

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