Hands-on Activities for Learning About Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Parade 101 functions four video presentations of hands-on activities that students can do at house with their moms and dads or in your class. The four activities include inflating balloons through the usage of baking soda and vinegar, designing balloons for the parade, utilizing and making sculping dough, and building model floats. All of the videos include lists of needed materials..
I like all 4 of the activities. If I was to advise one for Thanksgiving day it would be constructing design drifts or creating because they can be made with cardboard, paper, glue, markers, and other common household materials that do not make a mess and do not have to be carried out in a kitchen area. That stated, I think the most fun one is the inflating balloons activity..
In addition to the videos and STEAM projects Parade 101 uses some coloring sheets and puzzles. An interactive timeline of the history of the parade is still available to deem well..
If you are looking for some history of the Macys Thanksgiving Parade videos, take an appearance at the following videos that Ive shared in the past..
History of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The History of the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Like millions of other Americans the Macys Thanksgiving Parade will be on the tv in my house this coming Thursday early morning. Similar to last year Macys is providing some.
hands-on STEAM lessons connected to the parade..

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