Google Arts & Culture + Apple Classroom

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I still have not found something that works in the specific very same method as the guide mode in Google Expeditions. That said, instructors who have iPads in their class can guide trainees through scenes in the Google Arts & & Culture app through making use of Apples Classroom app..
Applications for Education.
The downside to using Google Arts & & Culture on an iPad rather of on a phone is that the VR experience isnt immersive like it is if youre utilizing a VR audience. The benefit is that as an instructor you can provide more assistance to young students as they utilize the app.

Google is ending support for Google Expeditions on June 30th. A few weeks ago I shared a.
short list of options to Google Expeditions. In that blog post I pointed out that a person of functions of Expeditions that Ill miss most is the ability to remotely direct or rate students through a virtual truth experience..

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