Flowcharts in my Classroom Today

Among the courses that Im teaching this year has a focus on computer system repair work and assistance of computer systems in a small business environment. Recording whatever is among the things that I highlight in this course. That includes recording issues as very first observed, documenting troubleshooting actions, and recording resolutions..

Recently, my class got a lot of older computers that wont effectively start-up. Prior to I set my trainees to attempting to fix these computer systems theyre going to review the actions of the fixing process. To that end, my students will be using Google Drawings today to produce flowcharts of the actions that theyll take to troubleshoot based on the beep codes that they hear when they try to begin the computers.
Today, theyll be using Google Drawings to produce their flowcharts. There are two factors why Im having them use Google Drawings.
Heres a video introduction of utilizing Google Drawings and Google Classroom to disperse flowchart and graphic organizer templates..

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