Filters, Captions, and Other Zoom Features You Might Have Missed

Another function of Zoom that I recently began using, and discovered rather by accident, is filters and frames. These let you position fun borders around yourself during your Zoom meetings. These can also be utilized to virtually put things like party hats on your head..
In this brief video I show how to allow captions, frames, and filters in Zoom meetings..

A few weeks ago I published an article in which I pointed out that Zoom didnt have a native transcription or captioning function. Im grateful for that because it opened my eyes to a feature that I was ignoring since its buried in the settings of my Zoom account.

The filters and frames are enjoyable to use, however arent a significant upgrade in the way that automatic captioning is. That said, after a long week of mentor online it can be fun to let trainees play with the filters and frames to split the usual routine of a Zoom class. My trainees liked using them on Friday..

Applications for Education.
The captions and records in Zoom make it simpler than ever to make your online guideline accessible to more students. Previously, you required either a 3rd party service or someone to type captions for you during Zoom conferences..

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