Edible Glass Hearts and Other Lessons About Valentine’s Day

The following video from Its Okay To Be Smart (produced by PBS Digital Studios) discusses why humans kiss, the history of symbols associated with kissing, and some cultural views of kissing. When I saw this video I instantly believed of my friends who teach middle school and high school health classes.

Valentines Day is this coming Sunday. Shes very excited about Valentines Day as is her little sister. As I write this theyre making Valentines Day cookies (with supervision).

Valentines Day is this coming Sunday. My childs preschool is having a little event on Friday during which little cards will be exchanged. Shes extremely delighted about Valentines Day as is her little sibling. As I write this theyre making Valentines Day cookies (with guidance). Another Valentines Day activity that they could be doing (with guidance) is making edible glass hearts with isomalt crystals..

Making edible glass hearts is the topic of the latest SciShow Kids video. The video begins by describing how glass is made before moving into a description of how sugar, like sand, can be melted. The video then explains why isomalt is utilized to make edible glass hearts (melting point) and how it can be done at home with the supervision of a moms and dad. Like all SciShow Kids videos the description consists of great deals of links to extra resources including this one that has composed instructions..

If youre aiming to work a little Valentines Day themed activity into your intermediate school or high school classes in the next couple of days, here are three good videos to think about viewing.

The following fun video, also from Its Okay to Smart, attempts to use math to determine the odds of a 25 year old woman finding love in New York. (Remember, the video is just for fun).

Why Do We Love? is a TED-Ed lesson that checks out some approaches on why people like. The lesson wont offer you with any clear responses, but it will make you think. And isnt that what thinkers desire you to do?

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