Dotstorming Gets an Updated Look and Easier Navigation

Dotstorming is a multimedia collage tool that has some cool ballot and conversation features built into. I utilized it for a few years however havent blogged about it since 2018. Today I got an e-mail from the developer of Dotstorming. The email revealed a brand name brand-new appearance which consists of an improved user interface.

You can still create a collaborative board where you and your trainees can include notes and pictures. Dotstorming still lets you have chats on shared boards and still lets you vote for your preferred note or image included to your collective board.
Dotstorming still provides instructors with tools to disable chat and or voting. Its possible to disable chat while still having the ballot function turned on..
Applications for Education.
The value of.
Dotstorming in an online or in-person class is that it allows you to gather ideas or answers to an issue from your students and then have your trainees vote for the favorite idea or answer. Those vote overalls can then be the basis for discussions with the whole class or in small groups.

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