ClassTools Wikipedia Timeline Generator – Create and Edit Timelines

Applications for Education.
The ClassTools Wikipedia Timeline Generator could be a good tool to utilize to create an easy-to-read summary of a bio or a historic occasion. I may think about having students use Wikipedia Timeline Generator as a beginning point for an assignment in which I inquire to offer more information in each timeline entry or inquire to fact-check the entries in a timeline.

In this short video I demonstrate how to utilize the Wikipedia Timeline Generator hosted by ClassTools..

Russel Tarr, a history instructor and designer of, recently launched a brand-new template called the
You can edit the entries on the timeline to correct dates, to edit the information associated with the dates, erase entries on the timeline, and include brand-new dates to the timeline. Timelines created with the Wikipedia Timeline Generator can be embedded into web pages and or shared with the distinct URL appointed to your timeline.

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