Build a Solar Oven – Hands-on Science Project

SciShow Kids launched a new video about a favorite hands-on science task, developing a solar oven. As you might expect, the video discusses the science of using solar energy and explains the essentials of how to build a solar oven. The video isnt quite comprehensive sufficient to be the only source that you or your trainees consult when building a solar oven. NASA, the United States Department of Energy, and the Lawrence Hall of Science all offer comprehensive directions..

Do It Yourself Sun Science is a free iPad app from The Lawrence Hall of Science. The app includes directions for hands-on lessons about the sun. The lessons are a mix of activities that trainees can do by themselves and activities that they must finish with adult guidance. All of the activities use common family goods. Some of the activities that you will find in DIY Sun Science are determining the sun, making UV detectors, spotting solar storms, and cooking with a solar oven.

Cooking With Sol (link opens a PDF) was published by the United States Department of Energy. It was composed for students in 5th through 8th grade to follow instructions to create a solar oven..

NASA offers two sets of detailed, written instructions for developing solar ovens.
This set of directions (link opens a PDF) was produced for trainees in 7th through 9th grade.
This set of instructions (link opens a PDF) for developing a solar oven was composed for 6th through 8th grade trainees and culminates with trainees trying to make smores with their ovens..

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