Bringing Distance Learning to Life with Equity and Humanity

Learners Edge is proud to announce a new course about humanizing distance learning! 

Course 5121: Bringing Distance Learning to Life with Equity and Humanity

As we all know, this year has been unlike any other. To ensure students continued learning and to keep them safe, school districts shifted from face-to-face to online, virtual, remote–call it what you will–they are all forms of distance learning. In true teacher form, educators adjusted their in-person pedagogy while keeping the human connection—even through a screen—at the forefront of student learning.  

In Bringing Distance Learning to Life, teachers will understand how to dismantle dependent learning and encourage independent thinking while shining a light on inequities, identity, and the digital divide. Educators will enjoy the journey as they incorporate socio-emotional strategies that will humanize learning through connection, collaboration, acceptance, and supportive classroom cultures. Attendance in the course does not require a particular social or political perspective, but we do ask that teachers join us with open minds and empathetic hearts.

5121Course Title: Course 5121: Bringing Distance Learning to Life with Equity and Humanity

Graduate Credits: 3 semester credits

Grade Levels: K-12+


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