Almost all clear Class XII in Delhi govt schools

ALMOST EVERY student of Delhi government schools has cleared class XII through the CBSE’s alternate assessment arrangement, with schools registering an enormous jump in all parameters through this policy.

Delhi’s overall pass percentage across all categories of schools is 99.84%.

Of 1,58,640 students from Delhi government schools whose results were declared on Thursday, only five were declared not to have passed and 64 have been placed in compartment, resulting in an increase of pass percentage to 99.6 per cent from last year’s 97.92 per cent.

Last year, the onset of the pandemic had interrupted the assessment scheme, when an alternate assessment scheme was used –which itself was a notable increase from 2019’s 94.24 per cent.

At the school level, the surge is more perceptible. The results of 909 government schools were declared Friday. Of these, 875 schools registered a 100 per cent pass percentage, which is stark when compared to last year’s figures. In 2019, 203 schools had a 100 per cent pass percentage, and 396 in 2020.

The CBSE Controller of Exams has stated the sharp rise can be attributed to the fact that the results were prepared by the schools this year, with the anchor of the moderation policy.

“It was understood that most students were going to pass this year. No school would let their students fail especially after the challenges of the year over which the children had no control over. Unless their marks would have been far too low, schools have awarded a few extra marks to help their students past the pass mark,” said the head of a government school with a 100 per cent pass percentage.

Moreover, apart from pass percentages, these schools have also registered a marked increase in the number of students scoring 95 per cent and above. This year, 885 students across these schools have scored in this top bracket, double the number from last year’s 442 students.

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