A Video Tour of 17th Century London in 3D

Pudding Lane Productions developed a 3 and one half minute video tour to show audiences what London might have looked like previous to the Great Fire. The tour is based upon historic drawings and maps that the Pudding Lane Productions team researched. The video is embedded below.

Applications for Education.
This video might be an excellent supplement to lessons about British history to show students a somewhat different point of view of a summary of London that they might have checked out or seen drawings of in books.

On an associated note, in A Crash Course on Google Earth & & Maps for Social Studies I teach how to make tours in Google Earth and how to overlay historical maps onto present Google Earth images.

While doing that I came throughout a video that I shared back in 2013. That video is an.
animated 3D trip of 17th Century London..

This video may also influence some ambitious students to produce their own historical video trips of other cities theyre studying in history and geography classes. Its possible to do that with the trip development tool that is built into Google Earth Pro.

While doing that I came across a video that I shared back in 2013. The trip is based upon historic illustrations and maps that the Pudding Lane Productions group investigated. The video is embedded listed below.

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