A Reason to Have Students Conduct Traceroutes Even if You’re Not a Computer Science Teacher

Back in November I.
published a video about utilizing the ping command on a Windows computer. The reason for that was to reveal an easy approach to examine if a site is down or if there is an issue on your end..

Utilizing the ping command in the command timely window on your computer may look like something just computer technology teachers and students must do, but the truth is that any instructor or student can gain from knowing how to do it. Running a traceroute may appear like something only a computer system science instructor or trainee must understand how to do, however its really something that anybody can benefit from knowing how to do..
A traceroute shows you the hops or connection points between your computer and the location (frequently a site). This is an intriguing way for students to see where in the world traffic is going to and coming from. Run a few traceroutes with your students and see if theyre amazed by what they see. Watch this brief video in which I show how to perform a traceroute..

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