A guide to choosing the right edtech partner

Based upon the large quantity of marketing e-mails and sales calls received on a weekly– or perhaps day-to-day– basis, district leaders can definitely vouch for the apparently numerous variety of innovations on the market today. Simply how huge is the edtech market? To put it in point of view, there were nearly 1,400 edtech business in the United States alone last year, according to a report from RS Components. Thats a lot.

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John Wheeler, CEO, Vernier Software & & TechnologyJohn Wheeler is the CEO of Vernier Software & & Technology, an innovating leader in STEM education and scientific data-collection technology for 40 years. John, who is enthusiastic about STEM education and supporting students and instructors, has been with Vernier for 27-plus years. During his tenure, he was a design engineer, the director of engineering, and the primary innovation officer for the business prior to being called CEO in 2015.

With so many innovations and providers out there, how can district leaders choose the ideal edtech partner or partners? Below are 4 concerns to consider during the procurement procedure.

Does the company understand my goals? It is necessary that any edtech partner or prospective partner understand what the district is trying to accomplish, as well as share the districts vision in reaching those objectives. This includes truthful and simple discussions from the start about where the district is at, where it is wanting to go, and how the edtech partner can help.

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