A Fun and Educational Use of Chrome’s Inspect Tool

You can also use the check tool to alter a post on the internet to make it a satire story. Then print the page and offer it to your students to attempt to determine the satire elements of the story.

In this weeks.
Practical Ed Tech Newsletter I shared some of my favorite “techy” tricks to impress your associates and students. Among those techniques is to use the examine tool in Chrome to see the code behind any webpage and then customize it to alter what appears on the page on your computer..

Applications for Education.
Chromes check tool provides an excellent way for trainees to see how the code of a web page works. I typically had my ninth grade coding trainees do that last year.

The check tool in Chrome lets you see the code behind any web page and modification that code to show anything that you want in place of the original text and images. Enjoy this brief video to see how it works.

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