3 ways to keep your online classroom engaged

My teaching philosophy is that the content is no longer the commodity. When I was in school, I had to go to school every day because my teachers had all the information and I had to get it from them somehow. Kids these days have access to all the information they could ever ask for at their fingertips, on the internet.  

I teach computer literacy at Digital Academy of Florida (DAOF) and I’ve found numerous ways to keep my students engaged in my short time there. I start by highlighting that it’s their class, not mine. They’re in the driver’s seat. 

So, if the content is no longer the commodity, then what is? It’s the entire class experience. Every single subject, every single class should be interactive in some way.  

I’ve formulated three tips for having a successful online classroom. But this list isn’t limited to just the online space–brick and mortar teachers should look at these tips and rethink how their class is structured, too. 

Make your class a game 

My classroom would not function as smoothly as it does if I didn’t gamify each aspect in some way. What this means is structuring class time into somewhat of a game. This keeps things meaningful–not just a means to an end, as most classes are structured. 

Wesley Blauvelt, Computer Literacy Teacher, Digital Academy of Florida

Wesley Blauvelt is a middle school computer literacy teacher at Digital Academy of Florida. He currently resides in Palm City, FL.

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