3 tips to engage students in math feedback during remote or hybrid learning

Trainees send work, teachers grade work, we move on. The effects were apparent right away– student work weakened.

I quickly had to figure out– how could I include the feedback cycle that was so effective in my class but online?

I made a few tweaks to guarantee students were engaging with that feedback that I believe you can gain from:

1. Discover a method to see trainee work during class time

In my classroom, I use EdLight to collect images of student operate in the moment. Trainees submit images of their work utilizing their Chromebooks towards completion of class. I choose collecting work throughout class because Im more most likely to get trainees to submit than if I requested for them to submit it asynchronously. I believe its so crucial to have a point in class where trainees reveal me their work so they are held accountable for the requirement.

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