22 Ways to Celebrate Twos-Day (2/22/22)

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Twos-day is coming! Are you prepared?


In just a few weeks an historic day will be upon us–February 22, 2022 or 2/22/22. And what’s more, it falls on a Tuesday! This rare calendar event definitely calls for celebration. With so many teachers and students feeling the weight of pandemic schooling right now, a day to party is just what is needed!


A holiday like Twos-day begs for some silly (or “cringy” if you work with teens), outlandish, forget-about-your-troubles kind of fun so get ready for our EPIC list of ideas for celebrating Tues-day in style. Pick one or pick them all!

  1. Wear “tutus”
  2.  Dress up as famous pairs
  3.  Draw or write about what you’ll be doing in 22 years
  4.  Focus your grammar lesson on “to, too and two”
  5.  Write couplets in ELA
  6.  Practice doubles and halves in math
  7. Allow students to work in pairs all day
  8. Read aloud the book Tuesday by David Weisner
  9. Share a treat like Little Debbies (they come in pairs), Double Bubble Gum or Twix
  10. Make compound words or words with 2 syllables
  11. Review content with Trash Can Basketball where students earn 2 points for each answer
  12. Arrange a Big Buddies/Little Buddies activity where students work in pairs
  13. Number 2 Directed Drawings: turn the 2 into something else (like a shark)
  14. Make a playlist of songs that include the number two (or twenty)
  15. Challenge students to create a funny meme for Twos-day
  16. Skip count by 2s as you line up or leave the classroom
  17. Create art using only the number 2 (like these cute monsters)
  18. Groups compete to name as many things that come in pairs as they can in 2 minutes
  19. Engage students in exercises in sets of 22 (jumping jacks, squats, pushups)
  20. Students summarize a unit or lesson with “2 important things to know about _____” prompt
  21. Challenge students to classroom or school wide Photo Scavenger Hunt for things in pairs
  22. And last, but not least, buy streamers, noisemakers, and shakers, then have a dance party at 2:22pm!

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