12 Fun, Challenging, and Interesting Geography Games for Students

GeoGuessr shows you a Google Street View image and a clue to attempt to guess where on the planet the imagery was caught. Playing GeoGuessr is an enjoyable method to get students to look at all of the visual and text hints they have in order to form a great guess as to where on the planet they believe the imagery came from. This utilized to be totally complimentary, but it moved to a freemium design in 2020 which limits how many games you can play for complimentary.
Quizzity is an online location game that uses a familiar concept. Quizzity presents you with the name of a city and you have to click on the map where you think that city is in the world. Quizzity quizzes you on cities all over the world. To increase the precision of your guesses you must zoom-in on an area prior to clicking the map. Each round of Quizzity presents you with six city names. Points are granted for precision and speed.
Step Right Up States & & Capitals is a totally free location video game from ABCya. Its based upon an older version of the video game that was called Capital Toss. The brand-new version of the video game only has U.S. states and capitals while the old version also had a nation mode. In the game the name of a U.S. state capital appears at the bottom of the screen and 2 rows of state names scroll across the top. When the right state name appears gamers practically toss a ball at it. Three successive inaccurate responses ends the video game.
Both of the games are played the very same way. Just open the game map and begin typing the names of cities. When youre done youll see a list of the cities that you called and the populations of the five greatest cities and the 5 smallest cities that you named.

Map Quiz is exactly what its name implies. Its a quiz video game in which youre shown a country or area on a map and have to identify its name. The questions on Map Quiz are multiple choice so you have at least a 25% chance of getting it. Whether you answer the question right or incorrect youll be shown the right response and be given some standard information about the country or territory. When youre revealed a question on Map Quiz the map may be oriented in manner in which is unusual for some individuals. You can spin the map by utilizing the compass icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Zooming in and zooming out is also possible in the game..
GeoQuiz is a simple video game that simply asks you to attempt to call as numerous countries as you can in fifteen minutes. As soon as you go into a nations name the globe on the screen spins to fixate that country. , if you misspell a country the globe does not spin and your entry does not count.. You can play GeoQuiz on your own or you can complete versus other gamers in online spaces. Either way, you do not need to sign up or get in any individual information in order to play GeoQuiz. To bet others you can sign up with an existing space or create your own and welcome people to join it. To have others join your room all you have to do is pick a name for your room and tell people to join it in the “online mode” on the GeoQuiz homepage..
After each guess gamers are shown how close or far their guesses were from the real city place. City Guesser 2.0 deals games based on cities of the whole world and landmarks of the entire world. There are also country-specific variations of the game for the United States, Canada, Russia, England, France, Japan, India, Brazil, Australia, and Argentina.

Last year I published a list of location games for trainees. Ever since Ive stumbled upon a few more interesting geography games and one that I used for many years has disappeared. Heres my upgraded list of fun, challenging, and fascinating location games for students..

Its a test game in which youre revealed a country or area on a map and have to determine its name. The objective of the game is to determine cities based on their descriptions. In GameOn World the instructor picks a video game classification (cities, places, and timeline are three of the 9 classifications) and starts the video game. In the video game the name of a U.S. state capital appears at the bottom of the screen and two rows of state names scroll across the top. Just open the game map and start typing the names of cities.

GameOn World is a multiplayer geography game established by a high school instructor and his student in Portland, Maine. The game is similar in structure to that of.
Kahoot. In GameOn World the teacher chooses a game classification (cities, locations, and timeline are three of the nine classifications) and begins the game. The students join the video game by going to.
GameOn.World and going into a video game pin. In the area and timeline video games, students address the questions by moving a placemark on a map or selecting a date on a timeline. In a few of the other games trainees answer by selecting a number on a sliding scale.

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WikiWhere is a neat map-based trivia video game. The objective of the game is to identify cities based on their descriptions.
If you go into the Voyager mode in Google Earth you will find other video games and quizzes to try. The quizzes are cool since when you respond to a concern properly you immediately zoom to the Street View images of the place.

Seterra provides numerous location games in 39 languages. You can play the video games online in your web browser or download the apps to play on a phone or tablet. In the following video I show four methods that you can play the online variation of Seterras location video games.

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